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In November 2020 the Fourth season of field research in the United Republic of Tanzania

In November 2020 Valentina N. Bryndina accomplished the fourth season of field research in the United Republic of Tanzania, dedicated to the historical memory of the Arab slave trade and Сolonial rule in Zanzibar. The researcher has conducted interviews in several districts of the Island (Stone town, Mtendeni, Mbweni). Work has continued among worshippers of Anglican church in Mbweni which directly related to history of the slave trade in the island. During the field research were conducted 29 formal interviews among which the highest interest provides interviews with cultural workers such as Amir A. Mohammad author of books on Zanzibar history and Ali Kamis the head of museum department. Also, a significant amount of research materials was collected in Institute of archives and records and in the library of State University of Zanzibar.

The results of the field research will be analyzed in detail and presented in scientific reports and ongoing publications.
The research was supported by Russian Scientific Foundation (project №18-18-00454 "Historical Memory as the Evolutional Factor of Socio-Political Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa and Mesoamerica").